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Los Angeles, California Trial Attorney Practice Group

In cases where no other option but trial is available, the Los Angeles trial attorney practice group of the Law Offices of Wayne B. Brosman will aggressively argue your case in front of a judge or jury.  With years of trial experience in several fields of law, our Los Angeles trial attorney practice group combines litigation expertise with courtroom savvy in the follows areas of practice:


Our Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group routinely arbitrates security deposit and sales disputes involving the American Industrial Real Estate Association’s contract forms for the purchase and sale of commercial and industrial property.  As a leader in this field, our own trial attorney, Wayne B. Brosman, has filed hundreds of judicial foreclosure and quiet actions, seeking and obtaining receivers and injunctions.  Mr. Brosman has also filed hundreds of commercial evictions, tried dozens of them, where the firm appears for both landlords and tenants.  The firm has brought and defended sales “disclosure” disputes, giving rise to broker malpractice claims.  The Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group has prosecuted claims for unpaid brokerage commissions, often arising from de-listed properties, on the one hand, or from one brokerage house circumventing the listing agreement of another brokerage house, on the other hand.  The Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group has also tried lawsuits relying on real estate appraisal practice and guidelines from the Appraisal Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

The Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group defends lawsuits brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Unruh Civil Rights Act, which together allow disabled people to bring lawsuits to enforce the Division of the State Architect California Access Compliance Reference Manual (California) and the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design (Federal) against all business establishments which provide accommodations to the public.  Real Estate investors cannot obtain insurance coverage without having purchased an additional insurance rider.

In addition, the Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group tries and resolves partnership and corporate dissolutions, involving forensic accounting and fraud investigations.  As an offshoot to its forensic and fraud accounting practice, the Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group assists with marital dissolutions and property settlements.  The Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group is thoroughly familiar with business ledgers, bookkeeping and accounting practice, and trade secret principals.

The Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group tries disputes arising from the sales of businesses and franchises.  Trials arising from business sales involve fraud and nondisclosure claims, often with fraud examinations of financial records.  Such sales usually involve security agreements for personal property and accounts receivables with financial statements (UCC-1) being recorded with the California Secretary of State.  The Group prosecutes and defends applications to enforce such security agreement by way of a Right to Attach Order and Temporary Protective Order, giving us experience with the specialized rules and customs of specialty attachment departments.

Another facet of the Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group is that it assists with collections - for creditors – and corporate dissolution and restructuring under California laws – for debtors.  Often, this involves prosecuting and defending collection cases for trade debt.  The firm represents construction companies in collections against property owners and subcontractors.  Our Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group often collects future rents and repairs owing by tenants after their eviction case is over.  The Group’s collection practice extends after entry of judgment, and into the analysis of business ledgers for unlawful disbursements and improper insider compensation.

Our Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group uses its experience in real estate and construction to help consumers prosecute shoddy construction in their homes and investment properties.  We have tried consumer protection cases to a jury involving insurance company defense lawyers.  We also assist in enforcing insurance company policies by tendering claims, arranging insurance coverage, and ensuring the appointment of insurance defense counsel.

In addition, the Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group prosecutes and defends overtime and commission disputes, both at the Department of Industrial Relations’ Labor Board, and by trial in the Superior Court.  Overtime disputes often involve false, incomplete, or poor record keeping practices.  We advise employers on proper record keeping and overtime procedures.

Our Los Angeles trial lawyer practice group also advises institutional property management companies and private landlords on risk avoidance strategies.  We routinely give advice on landlord-tenant disputes, vendor and maintenance agreements, and neighbor and boundary disputes, so that our clients may avoid the time and expense of lawsuits.

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