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Attorney Practice Group

If you are involved in a business or commercial dispute that is headed for court, there is no better weapon on your side than our Los Angeles business litigation attorney practice group. A losing judgment can have a devastating impact on your business, your income and the goodwill and reputation that your business has established. Our experienced business and commercial litigation attorneys provide valuable cost-benefit analysis to help you decide whether or not you should risk going to trial.  

Our Los Angeles business litigation lawyer practice group has been providing litigation and trial expertise to clients for several years. More than anything else, our business litigation law firm understands the true value of both your time and ours. While many business litigation attorneys understand the value of a billable hour, our Los Angeles business litigation lawyers understand the full scope of time, as it relates to business litigation.  We are focused on giving our clients the full value of every hour you invest in litigation so that such time will successfully resolve your case.

Our trial experience is invaluable, whether or not your case actually goes to trial.  Even when we litigate a business dispute with the goal of settlement, or to avoid trial, our Los Angeles business and commercial litigation attorney practice group’s trial experience gives us a big advantage because opposing attorneys and their clients recognize that the “threat of trial” is always there with our business litigation attorneys.  Always remember: time is of the essence if you are being sued, thinking about filing a lawsuit, or are at risk of being sued. That is why we offer a free consultation.

Lawsuits not only cost you money in legal fees and potential judgments, they also can lead to harmful potential effects on your  business in terms of potential injunctions, added stress, reputational harm, and the stressful effects on business owners and management.  Our business and commercial litigation lawyers consider all of these factors when aggressively advocating business litigation disputes.

Many businesspeople do not know that contracts do not have to be in writing to be valid. Our Los Angeles business and commercial litigation attorneys have represented numerous businesses in contract disputes involving written contracts, as well as, implied and oral contracts, for several years.

One issue that many business owners run into is that many of the contracts they sign are silent or unclear on some important matters. Because numerous contract disputes involve such complex legal issues, a free evaluation of your case by one of our business and commercial litigation attorneys can assist you in determining the best strategy for a successful resolution of you case.  Our Los Angeles business and commercial litigation attorneys represent our business clients with thoughtful analysis, aggressive prosecution and the utmost confidentiality and respect.

One aspect of our Los Angeles business and commercial litigation attorney practice group is that we represent business clients in corporate dissolutions and partnership disputes.  In our experience, partnership dissolution and corporate dissolution can occur whether a business is profitable and successful or if the business is performing poorly and losing money. Partnership disputes and corporate dissolutions are usually heated because of the emotional factors involved.  They are often complex because no one is really sure about what the details of partnership agreements or shareholder agreements are- until there is an actual lawsuit or threat of litigation. This is when our knowledge of business law and experience with business litigation is most valuable to our clients.

We also have years of business litigation experience in representing clients involved in contract disputes related to suppliers, manufacturers, vendors, independent contractors, sales, service contracts and professional contracts. Contact us for a free consultation or to obtain more information.

In the real world, business and commercial litigation often overlaps with many other facets of law.  That is why our Los Angeles business and commercial litigation attorney practice group works in conjunction with the following other legal divisions within our firm:



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